Sanscript is an online transliterator. All modern Indian scripts are supported. Sanscript supports the full ITRANS standard for Sanskrit and Devanagari.

Using the Program

Here's how you start. Choose a source script in the "From:" field and a destination script in the "To:" field. Put the text you want to transliterate into the left box. Then, click the blue arrow to run the program. If you click the double arrows , the left and right sides are switched.


The quality of your result depends on your computer's font support.

  • For Devanagari, the best script available to you is Sanskrit 2003.
  • For Roman type, the best script available to you is Gentium. Download the "Gentium 1.02" package at the bottom of the page.


Disabling Transliteration

If you are translating from a Roman rendition, you can tell Sanscript to transliterate only certain parts of your input text. When you want to disable transliteration, type ##. You can enable transliteration by typing ## again. Below is a sample transliteration from ITRANS to Devanagari.

  • bhagavad ##(divine one)## gItA ##(song) भगवद् (divine one) गीता (song)

You can also disable transliteration on just one character by using the backslash character \. The backslash is used in many programs to take special letters and make them normal. If you've never used the backslash like this before, I recommend just using ##.

  • bhagavad . gItA\. भगवद् । गीता.
  • dharmakShetre \## kurukShetre धर्मक्षेत्रे ## कुरुक्षेत्रे
  • a \a \\ A \A अ a \ आ A

Separating Letters

Some scripts, like Devanagari, can produce complex symbols that are combinations of many other letters. These symbols can be quite confusing, and some of them are not used in modern Devanagari. Fortunately, there's an easy way to prevent them: we use a special "invisible character." This character tells your computer to make text look a certain way. When transliterating from ITRANS, you can insert this character by typing {}. You can also insert it with _. Below are some examples from ITRANS-to-Devanagari transliteration.

  • kShetra k{}Shetra क्षेत्र क्‍षेत्र
  • barau bara_u बरौ बर‍उ

Transliteration Map

Vowels and Marks


Stops and Nasals

Other Consonants

Conjunct Consonants

Symbols and Punctuation


Non-Sanskrit Letters



How should Sanscript transliterate to Devanagari? Choose an option below:

  • ajay अजय्   (Sanskrit)
  • ajay अजय   (Hindi/Marathi)

Regardless of your choice, you can always type .h in ITRANS to do "Sanskrit-style" transliteration.


源代码出处:here. The code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License.